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Panopto 5.8 (for Windows) Service Update (Date: 2018-10-19)

Panopto for Windows update 2018-10-19

  • Added in-app alerts for notifying creators of non-critical issues via a banner in the recorder or toast notifications
  • Added an in-app alert when disk space is low
  • Added an in-app alert when silence is detected from the primary audio source
  • Added a set of welcome tours to introduce new users to Panopto for Windows
  • Added a welcome tour to introduce the basic steps needed to make a recording in Panopto for Windows for all new users
  • Added a primary source settings tour to introduce the quality settings and other options for primary sources
  • Added a secondary source settings tour to introduce the quality settings for secondary sources
  • Added a new advanced setting to enable secondary-only recordings. By default secondary-only recordings are now disabled
  • Updated the device list to no longer show the Blackmagic WDM driver
  • Fixed an issue where the PowerPoint slide preview images could appear pixelated
  • Removed the secondary settings "Apply" button. Changes to those settings are now automatically applied
  • Fixed an issue where devices would not preview when the advanced configuration panel was open
  • Fixed an issue where the offline upload dialog could crash or hang on sites with large numbers of folders. The dialog has been replaced with a new folder and session drop down
  • Fixed an issue where the UCS watch folder service could be disabled while features that depended on it were enabled

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