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Default Podcast settings.

What podcast setting have you found that most users prefer? At our University the default setting is set for Picture-in-Picture but I wonder if the Side-by-Side podcast setting is preferable.


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    Jeff MaherJeff Maher Crackerjack

    With side by side, if you don't leave room for the presenter window on the slide, it could cover up potentially important data on the slide/screen capture.

    We use secondary only since side by side minimizes the size of the slide/screen capture.

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    Larry EvansLarry Evans Crackerjack

    Thanks Jeff.

    Secondary is a great idea for the default setting.



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    We use side by side as default. I'm not sure if any faculty change it or not in their course.

    Kevin Hartman

    University at Buffalo

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    An .mp3 format would be useful for students who wish to listen to their lectures whilst they are on the move.

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    @Niall Collins You can download MP3 files as audio podcasts.

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    Audio podcasts are not MP3 anymore, they are now MP4 audio which isn't compatible with some car stereos.

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    @Jeff Maher Yup you are correct. I forgot the audio podcast is an MP4.

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