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Service Update 2021-07-14

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited October 2021 in Release Notes

Service Update 2021-07-14

  • Fixed an issue in the editor where cuts to secondary streams were removing embedded YouTube videos.
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where inserting quizzes on sessions with clips would insert the quiz at the wrong time.
  • Fixed an issue where reprocessing of old recorded sessions could fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the Panopto button would require manual changes in order to be added to the Canvas Rich Content Editor toolbar. The Panopto button should now be able to be added without having to manually allow the placement.
  • Fixed an issue in the multistream embed viewer beta where, when viewing a webcast on Android devices, the webcast would start playing from the beginning instead of the live stream.
  • Fixed an issue where copying Blackboard Original courses would not automatically link quizzes in the source course to the Panopto session in the copied course. Quizzes in Blackboard Original courses that are copied to a new Blackboard Original course should now automatically link themselves to the correct Panopto video.
  • Fixed an issue in the sharing UI that made the 'copy link' and 'copy embed code' buttons appear disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Panopto Capture in Firefox where videos with multiple secondary streams did not preview correctly after a recording was completed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause emails to not be sent if a D2L integration was returning an unauthorized response, due to D2L sending a different response code.
  • Added the ability to hide the Facebook and Twitter shortcuts in the sharing UI. This can be controlled with a new site-level setting titled “Sharing - Social Media Sharing Enabled.”
  • Fixed an issue where Remote Recorder management links that were very long could cause layout issues.
  • Fixed an issue with video comments where users accessing a video via an invite link did not see discussion comments from other users.
  • Fixed an issue where the play button in the embed viewer was disabled in IE11.
  • Removed the "LTI Username parameter override" setting on the Identity Provider page if it is not already set. To set this value, please contact Panopto support.
  • Fixed an issue with discussion comments where previously deleted replies were displayed as "deleted" instead of being hidden from view.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to errors in sending quiz results if a user has taken a quiz that was modified to remove all questions, or that was deleted after the user took the quiz.
  • Modified the new Canvas Identity Provider setting "Add SIS Course ID to Folder Name" to be off by default, instead of on by default.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with video controls while in a browser’s Picture In Picture mode could incorrectly report viewing statistics.
  • Fixed an issue with the date field for videos where copied videos could no longer have their dates modified.
  • Fixed an issue where high-quality uploaded PowerPoint slides could have visual artifacts. 
  • Added Welsh language support — Panopto will now display text in Welsh various user interfaces when the user's locale is set to Welsh.
  • Fixed an issue with caption editing where only the first 1000 captions would be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with bulk user syncing as part of bulk provisioning operations for some LMS's that could cause the user sync to fail to complete properly.
  • Fixed an issue with discussion and video playback where videos with a large number of comments would cause the video to freeze or become unresponsive.

Version 11.1.0

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