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Video streamed is glitchy

Began using Panopto a few weeks ago, all was well. But it is getting more and more glitchy.

The audio stream is all good although usually out by about a second...easily repaired..

but the video is another story...it looks like a pause in the stream- like buffering is the issue, same on all speeds of playback...can't select and change the video quality, the panopto won't let me even select that, and my mbps download speed is 90.. and way over their requirements...quality set to high..unchangeable.. and during the beginning of each stream, it glitches..like a video blip..very annoying..anyone else have this issue? After about 30 minutes it no longer glitches..but the beginning is becoming very bad..

Anyone perhaps have a solution?

Thank you for any help, much appreciated!


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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Jennalynn,

    To better assist you, are you able to send me a direct message with the video link?

    Best wishes,


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    Whenever I see experiences like this, it is a result of the computer that is recording either running low on either system memory or processor capacity. If you have other heavy apps open on the computer, I would recommend closing any apps that you are not actively recording to see if that is the case. It also may help to restart the computer prior to recording the next time.

    There are some other things that you could try, but the two above are the best places to start.

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    Thank you so much for your message Michael..I will give these two things a try...It is a new laptop and the streaming is fast without any glitches...it's just when I use Panopto...It wasn't like that the first several uses, but now it is consistently bad..

    I will give it a whirl this week and report back..

    Much appreciated, thank you!

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    Hello Cait,

    I am sorry, I have since deleted the offending videos...I will try again and see if the fixes mentioned above help the issue..

    I will let you know..

    Thank you!

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