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How to share a playlist with a viewer

In this screen grab, Bar Operations is a playlist. I can share the playlist with Leah McGovern - her email address is recognized. But I cannot share the playlist with [email protected] - that email address is not recognized. I cannot determine why they are treated differently.

[email protected] has been signed up to Panopto; his email address has been verified, he has received the 'welcome to Panopto' email, and he has viewed a video that was shared to him.

I am using a Basic account, and I see in another place that sharing playlists is for Enterprise accounts. If that is the case, why am I able to share the playlist to Leah McGovern?



  • Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
    edited September 2021

    Hi Howard,

    I just want to check and verify that the other user is connected to you, first. You can check to see if the user you mentioned is connected to you by using the following steps:

    Select the dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of Panopto and select User Settings:

    Select the Connections tab from the left-hand navigation. On this tab, you should see a list of your connections - including the address you mentioned in your post.

    If they appear with "Sent" to the right of their name, they will need to log in and take the same steps listed above and then select the "Accept" button that appears to the right of your name/email.

    If they are listed as "Connected," and you're still unable to share the playlist, please let me know so we can further troubleshoot.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks, Cait.

    That worked. However, "connections are established automatically when sharing videos" did not happen in this case. I did share a video with the [email protected] user, and the user viewed the video.

  • Hi Howard,

    I'm glad this worked for you - thanks so much for letting me know! We'll be updating our documentation to include these steps.

    Best wishes,


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