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Panopto 5.8 Service Update (Date: 2018-09-26)

Service Update 2018-09-26

  • Fixed issues around displayed time ranges for analytics reports
  • Added a new schedulable report detailing usage of remote recorders
  • Added the full folder hierarchy to the folder usage report
  • Fixed an issue with session copy where changes staged in the editor were incorrectly copied to the new session
  • Fixed an issue with user deletion where 'private' user groups user were deleted along with the user, now they are retained with "System" as the new owner
  • Fixed an issue with group creation where the value of the "Allow authenticated users to find and use this group" filed was not respected
  • Fixed an issue with the D2L integration where some videos embedded within courses failed to load
  • Fixed an issue with the Blackboard and Moodle integrations where the site setting "New Folders Require Approval" was not honored when folders were provisioned by the integration
  • Fixed an issue with batch provisioning from the Identity Providers interface where the status messages were difficult to understand
  • Added a new option to the Canvas integration to synchronize all course enrollments, even ones where the courses are unpublished
  • Fixed an issue with the Canvas integration where provisioning of course folder failed if the course name was too long. It is now truncated to 240 characters for provisioning
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Canvas and D2L integrations when videos were embedded into course pages, where the embedded view unnecessarily synchronized course enrollments during sign-in. That enrollment syncing now happens only when the user signs in to Panopto from SSO or by using course folder link
  • Fixed an issue with the Canvas integration where, if the content-embedding LTI tool was applied to a Canvas Module, it did not function correctly
  • Fixed an issue where imported videos with static content could show substantial video artifacting
  • Minor behavior change: Clicking on a search result in the VCMS now automatically populates the search interface in the viewer to help users find related points within the video
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard navigation of the Help menu
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of the EULA page
  • Fixed an issue with assignment folders that could allow a student to merge their session into another student's session
  • Fixed an issue with the editor where the focus tool sometimes impacted cuts on other streams
  • Fixed an issue with the quiz editor where certain times displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented merging sessions within personal folders
  • Fixed an issue with the editor where dragging the edge of a cut would snap to its original position if released nearby
  • Fixed an issue with the editor where the display of sessions with multiple primaries could differ from the viewed session
  • Fixed an issue with the editor where the displayed time for an event differed from its position on the timeline
  • Fixed an issue with the editor where adding a new stream removed unpublished slide events
  • Fixed an issue in the embed viewer where quizzes could get stuck in a loop
  • Fixed an issue in the login page where the mobile layout wasn't used in all expected cases
  • Fixed an issue in the interactive viewer where PDFs weren't always sized correctly when first displayed
  • Fixed an issue in the embed viewer were quizzes didn't show when the player was full screen in iOS

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