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More Robust YouTube Integrations

Currently, YouTube videos can be added within Panopto videos through the table of contents. This necessitates a creator to create a video prior to pulling in a YouTube video to the session. The YouTube video within the session cannot have notes, discussions, or quiz questions added to the YouTube video's timeline. These features must be used outside of the YouTube video's context in the rest of the Panopto session.

It would be great to be able able to create a Panopto session based solely off of a YouTube video. This way, Panopto features can be used for the YouTube video, such as quiz questions, discussions, search, and notes.

For reference Canvas/Instructure product currently has this functionality, which is along the lines of what we would like to see Panopto accomplish.

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    I've sseen some products which allow the importing of YouTube videos directly into their platform so the video now lives within the system rather than on YouTube. I love that idea.

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    Assuming you own the YourTube video, you can download it and import it in Panopto. Otherwise, you will be depending on a video that may or may not be there next month or year. You could also, use a third-party app to "extract" the video; pending you have copyright approval. Maybe Panopto will create this feature, but I don't think this is a priority for them.

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    We've just migrated from Ensemble, which Panopto purchased, and we're really going to miss the ability to directly route YouTube videos through Panopto like we did with Ensemble. I would think that if Panopto purchased Ensemble, they would be able to easily migrate that programming?

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