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How to verify SOAP endpoints (SessionManagement service) using SoapUI tool?


I have been trying to test the SOAP APIs, especially SessionManagement and UserManagement services. I am able to see the response for UserManagement service by passing UserKey and Password. But I am getting some Fault response as below XML, when I am trying to access SOAP operations in SessionManagement service with same UserKey and Password, for e.g. (GetFoldersList). Do we need pass any additional input parameters?




     <faultstring xml:lang="en-US">An error occurred deserializing the message. See server logs for details</faultstring>



Could somebody guide me where I am going wrong or if I am missing something. Thanks in advance.


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    Jonathan ChampJonathan Champ Whiz Kid
    Answer ✓

    If this is the raw request, I'm not seeing all of the Envelope and Body components. Also, for each of the optional items that you are not using, try removing the comments and the optional items so that it's simpler.

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    Hi Jonathan, thank you. It worked by removing the optional items.


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    The Panopto employee who answered this question had a nicely formatted SOAP request:


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    I am receiving 500 Internal Server Error. So, not sure what I am missing. Below is what I am trying to send in request:


































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    Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee

    Hello Rama,

    Thank you for posting your question. Your last comment has many "?" (question mark) and I am not sure if this is actual request or altered by either you or the forum post system. I want to recommend two options.

    1. Start from C# example, which many of Panopto customers have started from and appreciated. Link to Graham's tutorial: https://www.mediaguy.co.uk/panopto-api/

    2. Open a support ticket through your organization's Panopto administrator and send us the complete traffic log (either har file or Fiddler2 saz file) for investigation.

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