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Create an advanced search option

If anyone has any significant amount of content and then they try searching for a term, not only does it search in the title of the recordings, but it also searches within the ASR and OCR results. As a result you easily can get hundreds of results. If you're an admin or videographer??? God help you! (I searched for "Hierarchy" and got 8156 results!)

It would be great if we were able to type in a search term and then check boxes to specify which fields should be searched:

Name, Folder Name, Contents (for ASR/OCR), Course ID, Course Name, etc.

You could also narrow it down using: In folder (or subfolders), Owner contains, a date range, or Term Name.

*Right now Course Name, Course ID, and Term Name are not searchable but they absolutely should be.

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    I guess we can add this request to the one I made almost 2 years ago: Better searching options and display more information about Zoom cloud recordings

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    Yes, please! This would be a huge addition for not only admins but also for instructors, support staff, students, random people exploring our public content, people completely unaffiliated with the university in any capacity. OK, maybe not the last one.

    While we are requesting things, might as well shoot for the stars...I would also like to see things like the presence of a quiz, if sessions include clips, state of availability (published/unpublished), captioning provider (none, ASR, uploaded file, 3rd party), content-language, source (native recording, bulk upload, migration, Zoom), recorder name (please let me search for content recorded on a given computer - this would be huge if we have a problem with a podium/device), Audio Description state, and maybe some other points like if another feature like the "single-stream viewing" thing is rolled out.

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    Holy cow, I just repeated the "Hierarchy" search here, 9559 assets ranging from this morning back to Fall 2010. Good luck finding anything in that haha

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    Excellent feature request. Thank you @Charles Barbour !

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    Yes, yes & yes! Upvote this!

    100% agree!

    This will improve time spent in Panopto immensely. Include filter options to e.g. omit ASR captions and OCR or include only metadata in your search. Please upgrade the filter and search option!

    And while you're at it. Once I've found the video it's unnecessary difficult to locate the video in the folder structure. Include the complete path to a video and where it is located in the folder stucture.

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