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Panopto button for TinyMCE (Moodle) (Date: 2019-08-15)

Panopto button for TinyMCE (Moodle)

Official Github release page for this version: https://github.com/Panopto/Add-Panopto-Video--button-for-moodle-tinyMCE-editor/releases/tag/2019081200

Official Moodle.org link to this version: https://moodle.org/plugins/pluginversion.php?id=20103

  • Fixed an issue where insertion failed. This was introduced by the last release 2019070100 and Panopto withdraw that version because this bug affected widely. Panopto thanks Matt Davidson who reported this issue with the fix proposed.
  • Added privacy provider to the plugin. Note that this provider tells the behavior of this plug-in, but the behavior itself is unchanged by this version.
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin did not work correctly if same Panopto site was integrated to two or more Moodle sites on the same server FQDN.
  • Fixed an issue where the button failed to bring up video chooser with HTTP 500 response when the course is not provisioned to Panopto.
  • Removed the server option in the Settings page. The button now automatically detects the target Panopto server based on the provisioning information.

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