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Additional information/documentation needed for Video Reference Copies

On the "Learn About Video Reference Copies" page (https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Learn-About-Video-Reference-Copies), we believe some additional information or FAQs should be added to that page. It does not current cover:

How do I make a "Full Copy" without having to create a reference copy and unlinking it or editing the reference copy?

Answer something like.: For the video you want you want to copy, go to Settings, then the Manage menu. Under the "Copy video" section, you are presented with the options of "Create Reference Copy" and "Create Full Copy" (screen shot).

Also should add information or FAQs on the deletion of video with a reference copy AND deletion of a folder with a source video in it that has a reference copy of it.

Answer something like: You CANNOT delete any video that has a reference copy of it. [screen shot of message user gets when trying to delete] . You must unlink any reference copies in order to delete the video.

Then also something that covers that Creator CANNOT delete any folder that contains any video which has a reference copy. When attempting to delete such a folder, user will get message [screen shot]. The folder will NOT be deleted and no videos in the folder are deleted.


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    I've already communicated this to support and others, but I figured that this is a good thing to also add: When converting a session from a reference copy to a full copy, that process doesn't actually trigger until an action is taken that would require a full copy (edit, caption request, etc.).

    Sometimes this is a seamless transition with little to no downtime to the user (IMHO no documentation is needed there), but I've seen this take ~10 minutes which could be very confusing for the end-user. They took an action some time ago to convert from reference to full copy, now there is this mystery background process still running? When this situation is possible, I believe there needs to be some better communication both in documentation and moment in time elements that are on screen.

    I also think that the "reference" icon should remain in place until the transition has been fully implemented.

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    Hi Jeffrey and Michael,

    Thank you both for your feedback. I will pass it along to the correct teams for their consideration.

    Best wishes,


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