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Panopto Moodle block release (20180070900) (Date: 2018-07-18)

Panopto Moodle block release (20180070900)

This is the Summer-2018 stable release of the Panopto Genreation 2 plugin for Moodle.

Upgrade from Generation 1 plugin (2017032401 or before) to this version requires additional operation after plugin update.

This version of the plugin supports:

  • Moodle 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5
  • Panopto version 5.4.0 or later

This is the list of updates from the previous stable release (2017111700)

  • Added support for Moodle version 3.4 and 3.5.
  • Added an option to use the short name of Moodle courses as Panopto's folder name.
  • Added support of Moodle Privacy API (Requires Moodle 3.5)
  • Added support for proxy servers (contributed by University of Bath)
  • Within a course, Panopto videos are now displayed in the correct order when the Panopto folder has "display order" configured. (Requires Panopto Cloud 5.6 or later)
  • Within a course, newer Panopto videos are now displayed at the top of the list
  • Fixed an issue where live videos were incorrectly displayed as completed recordings
  • Fixed an issue where a Panopto folder may be mistakenly mapped to multiple Moodle servers
  • Fixed an issue where a Panopto personal folder may be mistakenly provisioned as Moodle course folder. (Requires Panopto Cloud 5.6 or later)
  • Fixed an issue where Moodle background process may slow down or crash after course provisioning if many system roles are defined in Moodle system
  • Fixed an issue with custom roles, where roles added to a specific course would not be reflected to Panopto
  • Added migration logic from Generation 1 to Generation 2 plugin to remove any remaining asynchronous tasks created by Generation 1 plugin

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