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Allow Remote Recorder 'Creators' and/or Departmental Admins to download Remote Recorder

Feature Request: Please allow option for Creators role on a given Remote Recorder and/or Departmental Admins to download Remote Recorder. Probably would also need to be able to manage/view the Remote Recorder Registration Keys for those particular Remote Recorders as well.

This request is really about being able to upgrade Remote Recorder software, so, alternatively, the ability for the Remote Recorder software itself to have an Update or Check for Update (with option to install latest version) button would suffice.

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    Personally, I would rather implement an auto-update process for recorders.

    We put out a self-service remote recorder version available to folks and that ended when someone decided to deploy it on ~400 workstations that shouldn't have had it installed and I'd rather not open up the possibility to repeat that.

    If auto-update is implemented, we would need to be able to set a max target version at the site level so they don't update before we are able to test various configurations available on campus.

    On another note, if Department Admins were able to set up their own Remote Recorders I would agree that they should be able to set them up but without being able to set up the device, having the ability to download would still require central admin intervention.

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