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Panopto Moodle plug-in (2018113000) (Date: 2018-12-03)

Panopto Moodle plug-in (2018113000)

This is the beta version of the plug-in which may be used for testing Moodle category structure mirroring, available in Panopto 6.0.

  • Install this only on your test Moodle instance. Please do not install this beta release on your production Moodle instance.
  • A preview of Panopto 6.0 is available on our staging server (*.staging.panopto.com).

This pug-in added new settings and a new button:

  • The first setting allows admins to enforce Moodle category structure on Panopto folders.
  • The second setting allows mirroring of the parent category folders (up to the root category) when a new course is successfully provisioned in Moodle.
  • The new button "Sync all Moodle categories" creates and updates Panopto folder tree which reflects all categories in Moodle.
  • Note: Both of the settings are turned off by default.

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