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Osprey Raptor 925 with Panopto


I am wondering if anyone has any experience using an Osprey Raptor 925 2 channel PCIe card with Panopto, and if so, how did it go? It is not listed under the "Officially Endorsed Gear" and I was not able to get an answer on this question from Panopto directly. Of the two cards they have listed, I have read that the Magewell Pro Capture cards don't work with Dell computers, and the Datapath card is 3x the money of the Magewell and 2x of the Osprey.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Kenny,

    You are correct that this particular card is not on our list for officially endorsed hardware; however, it's also not listed under "not recommended," which means it may still work for your organization. If you do experience issues with using the Osprey Raptor 925 2 channel PCIe card and Panopto, please let our Support team know so that we can add it to our not recommend list.

    Otherwise, I hope some of our other forum members who have used this type of card with Panopto will chime in with their experience!

    Best wishes,


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    I would just like to update this post to let you know that we did end up purchasing the Osprey Raptor 925 card and in all initial testing it is working great with both the desktop app and the web client. I will update this post if anything changes, but for now we are looking good for the start of the semester on this front.



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