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Mandatory Panopto Recorder Update


Is there a set date of when you must update your Panopto Recorder (to the newest version) in order to connect and record into folders on our site? I did read some documentation stating it was the third week of July however I am not seeing any warning notices when launching the recorder.

Our users are currently running version 11 of the Recorder.


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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
    Answer ✓

    July 21st is the date this summer for the minimum version update and this time around Panopto requires a minimum version of 12.0.

    There is a site setting that is available to notify users that there is a client upgrade available, but I leave this off as it is always the bleeding edge so deployed systems that are not updated regularly will always have the notification present. I will typically turn it on about a week after we push out a new version to classrooms, then shut it off after about a week. I believe users will be presented with a notification if they try to connect with an old version asking them to update, but I haven't tested that in a while.

    I wish we were able to set a target version for that notification so I could just leave it on, but that hasn't been implemented as it stands so it stays off.

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    Jaime BermudezJaime Bermudez Whiz Kid
    Answer ✓

    I don't believe end users running remote recorders get notified that they need to upgrade - it just stops connecting. You can make a request to Panopto Support to have them allow for an earlier version to be valid for a period of time. For example, you could request that version 11 be the minimum supported version until September or later of this year.

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