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AddMembersToExternalGroup (Date: 2018-10-24)

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

Original Post by Justin Lubbert, Moderator, October 24, 2018 at 8:54 AM


I'm having some difficulty with the AddMembersToExternalGroup API call. I can successfully add members to a viewer group but not the creators (I'm trying to add Canvas teachers -> Panopto Creators). As indicated, we are using Canvas as our VLE. Here are my steps:

Get authentication object (c#):

PanoptoUserManagement.AuthenticationInfo authInfoapi = new PanoptoUserManagement.AuthenticationInfo()


UserKey = "USERID",

Password = "***"


And then

IUserManagement userMgr = new UserManagementClient();

Group [] groups = userMgr.GetGroupsByName(authInfoapi, "Autumn 2018 - PANU101 - Panopto 101::Viewer");

foreach (Group group in groups)


Which works (as does the same with Creator)

Next I get the userId for the user I want to add

string userName = "USERNAME"; // Is a teacher in PANU101 - Panopto 101

User panUser = userMgr.GetUserByKey(authInfoapi, "Canvas\\" + userName); // Has a Panopto presence

And if I find one (sometimes the users is not present in Panopto), I attempt to add to the group

if (panUser.UserId != Guid.Empty)


Guid[] userIds = new Guid[] { panUser.UserId }; //

Console.WriteLine("User ID: " + userIds[0]);

userMgr.AddMembersToExternalGroup(authInfoapi, group.MembershipProviderName, group.ExternalId.ToString(), userIds);

// Write out the Guids of the members

Guid[] users = userMgr.GetUsersInGroup(authInfoapi, group.Id);


foreach (Guid user in users)


Console.WriteLine("User Id: " + user);




This works with the group noted but not "Autumn 2018 - PANU101 - Panopto 101::Creator". I suspect I'm missing something simple but I can't see it




Hiroshi Ohno, Moderator, October 25, 2018 at 10:29 PM


Thank you for asking this.

You could add a user to creator group by this API with some trick.

However, I am worried because you are using Canvas.

Panopto's Canvas integration updates group membership of those groups continuously based on Canvas's enrollment information.

Therefore, your operation via API may be dismissed.

I would recommend to discuss your requirement and possible options with your account's Customer Success Advocate before coding further.

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