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Provisioning on Blackboard Original

I was hoping you could point me in the correct direction with my question below.

Just for context – a bulk provision was done, but only a handful of courses had successful provisions.

Question: Are their limitations regarding the course being open/available versus locked (prior to the semester start date) when done while bulk provisioning? What would cause a course to not have a successful provision in Blackboard (original)?

PS: I do know that faculty will still have to go through the Tool Link to add the course to the navigation menu within Blackboard. But we are just hoping to get the folders onto the Panopto server, so that way faculty have the opportunity to build out their Panopto shells prior to the start of the semester for their course. 



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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Fallon,

    I apologize for the delay in a response. This is something our Support team should investigate, so I've re-opened your Support ticket and made your local Panopto administrator aware. Please keep an eye out for correspondence regarding this matter.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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