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Service Update 2022-08-25

 Service Update 2022-08-25 

Please note: This update will be applied at the end of business hours on Aug 25th for the North America, Canada, and European clouds and at the end of business hours on Aug 26th for the Asia-Pacific and Australia clouds.

  • Roles on the admin page will now display which user created or last edited permissions on the role, along with the timestamp at which the edit occurred.
  • Temporarily disabled Norwegian localization due to reports of inaccurate translations. Users with their browser language set to Norwegian will see the Panopto UI displayed in English until localization is re-enabled.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause tasks such as slide processing to fail
  • Fixed an issue where loading a folder containing many (10k+) videos would occasionally time out
  • Fixed an issue where caption durations could not be set on captions after a clip
  • Fixed an issue where captions would disappear where cuts were created on the secondary stream
  • Fixed an issue where deleting videos that have been copied could cause the copy processing job to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where cuts applied to a clip with cuts might not be in the intended place
  • Fixed an issue where a Zoom webinar's Questions and Answers were not appearing in the same thread
  • Fixed an issue where some videos experienced very long processing times
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an imported Zoom meeting to automatically order human captions before we received captions from Zoom if the folder the meeting was imported to was set to add captions to new videos automatically
  • Fixed an issue when ordering captions through Rev that could cause the captions to fail when Rev's API is undergoing maintenance instead of retrying the request at a later time
  • Added a check to ensure that a webcast has completed processing into a video-on-demand before allowing a user to order captions for that video
  • Fixed an issue that would allow importing Automatic Machine Captions through the Panopto editor, even if there was an outstanding human caption request, which would cause the caption request to fail. The editor will now ensure there is no outstanding human caption request before importing Automatic Machine Captions.
  • Fixed an issue with Canvas integrations that have enabled "Copy course structure from LMS" enabled, where term folders may be created even if there are no published courses for that term
  • Fixed an issue where embedded captions were not present in the podcast encoding of the video
  • Fixed an incorrect Italian translation in identity provider settings
  • Fixed an incorrect French translation when no search results are returned
  • Fixed an issue with font sizes on Android on the Home page
  • Fixed an issue where the video captions modal needed to be manually refreshed in order to request translations after updating the 'default' caption language
  • Fixed a misleading error message when attempting to add users to a folder that inherits permissions
  • Fixed an issue where the embed viewer did not warn the user at the start in rare cases where analytics could not be sent
  • Fixed a minor UI issue when using double-click to full screen the viewer in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where long captions would require scrolling when in docked mode

Version 13.4.0

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