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Soft Return/Line Feed in Captions

Professionals recommend to break long sentences into two equal parts to enhance Captions readability.

I do not find that feature in Panopto´s Caption Editor.

Sven, Norway

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This should be possible with CTL + Shift. Please note that Panopto also supports adding end times to the captions if you wish to break longer captions into multiple parts.


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    Great suggestion!

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    Agreed, it's really annoying to try and copy/paste line breaks to ensure that each line is less than 32 characters across two lines! The Caption Editing process is already cumbersome as it is.

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    hitting 'shift' and return will give you a line break. It doesn't always look pretty in the line breaks for the text in the editing area but looks good on the screen and is immediately viewable.

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    I'm using a Mac and yes, the edited captions do appear to save the line break, but the captions on the video do not reflect the line break. Furthermore, if you hit "Apply" to save the changes, the captions revert and the line-breaks are removed.

    The only thing that I've had work is copying a line-break from another caption file and pasting it where I want the line break to occur. I have yet to find out if that's a special character, symbol, or what on the keyboard. One thing is for sure, it should NOT be this difficult to add line breaks to captions! If I had known about this issue with Panopto's caption editor when I was evaluating it, I might have gone a different direction.

    This is a show-stopper to me. The work-around I had mentioned is way too tedious, and I have no way to instructing people at my institution on how to add line-breaks in Panopto's caption editor.

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    Hi @Jeremy Seda,

    I checked with our team on this, and you should be able to enter line breaks by using Shift + Enter. If you are unable to add a line break this way, please let me know and I will open a Support ticket on your behalf so we can further investigate this matter.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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    Hi @Caitlin McCabe,

    Thanks for your attention to the matter! Shift+return appears to add a line break, but when I attempt to update the caption file by hitting "Apply", the caption file removes line breaks. So yes, please would you mind opening a support ticket to investigate further?

    Many thanks and have an awesome weekend!

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    Hi @Caitlin McCabe,

    A quick update after doing my own research. I found that I was able to add line breaks to captions as expected when using the caption editor in Chrome on my Mac. However, Safari and Firefox (Dev Edition) had the same issue mentioned above.

    As for the PC, adding line breaks works in Chrome and Edge, but not Firefox.

    So the good news is that I've found a work-around for adding line breaks, using specific browsers in each platform.

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