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Turn up the sound level in the editor



We regularly experience that videos are recorded at a low volume. Our students often have recordings from different teachers with varying volume levels. Many students watch the videos on the train, bus, cafe, or in the common areas on campus, where there is often background noise.

I know there is a normalization feature in Panopto, but as far as I know, it only helps equalize sound levels if there are very high and very low levels in the same recording. On the other hand, it does not help if the entire recording is at a low sound volume.


I want the ability to turn up the volume like you can in many editing programs. This can possibly be done in the editor with a rotary knob, a dropdown menu, or based on a predefined level that Panopto sets for all videos (so that all videos in Panopto can be set to have the same sound level).


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