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Integration: WeVideo Online Video Editor

Magnus LianMagnus Lian Whiz Kid
edited October 2022 in Feature Requests


As Panopto is keeping the online editor simple and easy to use, we also need an option for more advanced editing. We have been trying to scale TechSmith Camtasia, but their license handling does not work with 500+ licenses.

We are now looking into WeVideo as an option for Online Video Editing, but need integrations in place for the workflow to make sense.  WeVideo can import video from PC/mac, their mobile app or from cloud drives like onedrive, google drive, dropbox ++ but currently not from Panopto.

WeVideo Example:

For optimal cloud to cloud workflow for import/export we need something like this:

Integration 01:

WeVideo has the option to import files from different cloud and local storages. Here we need to add a "Filepicker" integration with Panopto, so that users can browse their own Panopto folders from WeVideo and choose files to import. I have seen this done in other integrations.

Integration 02:

After a video is edited, we need to be able to export the video back to Panopto, and optimally choose users folder and sharing settings. 

Integration 03:

Add a "hidden setting" in Panopto that will add buttons in the editor and in the Panopto file list: "Send video to WeVideo fro advanced editing" This wil import the selected files into WeVideo and open a project. 

Here is a video recorded in WeVideo showing some of the features and wanted integrations:


Some of Functions needed that WeVideo currently handle well:

- Record only part of screen

- Multi layer editing

- Multiple audio layers

- Ability to record voiceover an add this to the video

- Music library and ability to add

- Templet based Graphics specific for the organization

- Library with intro/outro videos specific for the organization

- Stock footage library (drone shots establishing shots etc.. 

- Split video and audio

- Add transitions

WeVideo is ready to implement these features :)

WeVideo: https://www.wevideo.com/

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    I would prefer Panopto to develop a more advanced editor/advanced features for their editor. But if that doesn't happen, they should make integrations for the most significant editing software. Our university uses the Adobe suite, so I would like an integration for Adobe Rush / Adobe Premier also.

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    I'm not sure if the answer is more integrations or more advanced features in the Panopto editor, but I will agree that something should be done. The editor and quiz engine could be so much better. I'd love it if there was a way to create branching videos for "choose your own adventure" type learning.

    Also - WeVideo recently acquired PlayPosit - https://www.wevideo.com/news/wevideo-acquires-playposit

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    Like the others above, I'd love for them to increase functionality of the editor. But I'd take a push to Adobe Premiere as well, as it would make life a lot easier than my current workflow for when we have to do some editing that goes beyond the web interface editor.

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