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Service Update 2022-12-01

Service Update 2022-12-01

Please note: This update will be applied at the end of business hours on Dec 1st for North America, Canada, and European clouds and the end of business hours on Dec 2nd for the Asia-Pacific and Australia clouds.

  • For sites in the EU cloud, introduced a pop-up for users to decline or accept Panopto's use of non-essential cookies when accessing Panopto directly (not in embedded contexts). Cookie consent will be requested on a yearly basis and can be changed at any time in user settings. For more information on Panopto's use of cookies, see Learn About Panopto's Use of Cookies
  • Fixed an issue where user completion reports downloaded for folders did not correctly apply the date range filter.
  • Fixed an issue where stopping a folder from inheriting its access and choosing to keep the existing access failed if the user was a creator and there was a publisher role on the folder.
  • Fixed an issue where a reference copy could be unlinked from its source more than once, resulting in a video with unplayable streams.
  • Fixed an issue where users could sporadically lose video access due to a caching issue.
  • Fixed an issue where slides from a host video could incorrectly display during a clip (or alternatively, slides from a clip could display during the host video).
  • Fixed an issue where non-admins could see roles they could not actually assign on the department access page. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause users to see multiple entries for Panopto Caption Services when requesting captions for a video. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause videos with deleted captions not to have new captions requested when moved to a folder with automatic captioning enabled.
  • Fixed a keyboard accessibility issue with quota UI for Panopto Basic/Pro.
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard accessibility of the Create menu in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue with screen reader accessibility of the Play button in the embedded viewer.
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard accessibility in the viewer's discussion moderation UI.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual layout of quizzes and the watermark in the embedded viewer.
  • Fixed an issue with screen reader accessibility in the search dropdown in the viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where links in the viewer's Table of Contents would redirect to the current tab instead of opening a new one.

Version 13.10.0

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