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How do you add a zoom meeting to Panopto?

Hello Everyone

I am a freelancer with over twenty thousand followers on Instagram and more than five thousand on my blog. I am looking for opportunities to collaborate with brands that fit my niche. For that purpose, I have to make videos ad Reels that are effective and that shows my personality so people can connect with me. As you know, Instagram Reels is a new yet very popular feature on the app, and I think it's a great way to show off your products or brand.

I am also very active on YouTube, with over ten thousand subscribers. I make videos about lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty.

However, at the time, I feel my video quality is not as good as it should be. I am planning to buy a new camera and some other equipment to improve the quality of my videos. In addition, I am looking for video creation and editing tools.

While searching on various platforms, I came across Panopto. As you know, Panopto is a great way to create and share video content. You can use it to record lectures, create how-to videos, and more. Plus, you can share your videos with others through Panopto's sharing features. The best part about Panopto is that it's easy to use, and you can start creating and sharing videos immediately. Making content and investing in tools is a major risk and a big part of your investment.

So before making any decision about subscription, I want to clear my mind about a few things about the Panopto platform. Hope you guys will help me out. Thanks in advance!

How do you add a zoom meeting to Panopto?

How does a video streaming service like Panopto work?

How do you share a Panopto?

Does clicking at the end of a Panopto video make the analytics say you watched it?

How can I link a video from Panopto into Moodle?

Where can I find Panopto discount coupons? Is there any way to get a Panopto student discount?

Looking for some helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi Syma,

    Here are some answers to your questions.

    Info about Panopto accounts:

    Panopto is available in 3 tiers - a free account called Panopto Basic, an individual account for a small monthly fee called Panopto Pro, or an account for organizations with more than 100 people called Panopto Enterprise. You can read more about the differences between these levels here: https://www.panopto.com/plans/ There are no student discounts available, but you can always sign up for a free account.

    For the sake of these questions, I will let you know how it works for an individual (Pro) account and not an organizational (Enterprise) account.

    How do you add a zoom meeting to Panopto?

    For a Pro account, you would need to download the video from Zoom and upload the video file to Panopto.

    How does a video streaming service like Panopto work?

    Panopto is a video library that allows you create and store videos, organize them, and easily share them with others securely. You videos are stored in the Cloud and can be streamed from any device.

    How do you share a Panopto?


    Does clicking at the end of a Panopto video make the analytics say you watched it?

    No, we are able to keep track of the percentage of the video watched.

    How can I link a video from Panopto into Moodle?

    For a Pro account, you would need to create a publicly available link, and that can be posted in a Moodle course.

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    syma khansyma khan Tyro
    edited January 2023

    Hello Guys

    Last week I shared Panopte's video-creating platform, and the response was remarkable! After searching on Google, I found some fantastic feedback as well. To let others benefit from my findings, here is all the information I've gathered – hopefully, it will be just as useful to you too!

    1) To add a zoom meeting to Panopto, log into your account first and go to the 'Video Sources' tab. From there, find the option for 'Zoom Meetings.' On this page, you can enter the link to your Zoom Meeting. This should now redirect you to Panopto's site.

    2) Once you have uploaded the video files, they will be processed and converted into a format that can be streamed on Panopto. The platform then stores all this data on its servers for easy access when needed. To stream the videos, select the video file from your library and click ‘play’. Panopto also provides a range of tools to adjust the quality and other aspects of the video stream.

    3) Once you have uploaded and processed the video files, you can easily share them with others. To do this, from the ‘Library’ tab in Panopto, click on the ‘Share’ button located next to the video file. Here, you will be able to enter the email address of your desired recipient and set a password if needed to restrict access. The recipient will then receive an email with the URL of your video and any additional instructions you may have added. They can also click directly on the video file within the email to view it in their browser or open it in Panopto’s desktop app.

    4) No, clicking at the end of a Panopto video does not make the analytics say that you watched it. To link a video from Panopto into Moodle, first, you need to open the Moodle course page and click on “Turn Editing On” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

    5) Regarding discounts and coupons for Panopto, there aren't any publicly available offers.

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