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Required permissions for api upload

Hello, I am trying upload a file to another users personal folder using the API. I am making the API call using an internal Panopto user with site admin access. When I try to create an blank upload session I get the following error message:

POST https://<my site>/Panopto/PublicAPI/Rest/sessionUpload

Authorization: Basic <auth token>

Content-Type: application/json


{"Message":"User does not have permission to perform the requested action. UploadId: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 SessionId: Reason: User not found","MessageID":43053,"FolderId":null,"SessionId":null}

Does my API user require more than site admin? This is the same user I am using to find the folderid via the SOAP API, so the "user not found" message seems strange.



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