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Disable VSP only

I was glad to see that Panopto has increased the number of options for Variable-Speed Playback.

However, there is still no option to disable variable-speed playback only (while retaining the ability to go backwards and forwards in a video). Without this option, anyone who begins a video and then wants to resume it later cannot do so; he'd have to restart the video from the beginning. Another option that would allow a similar result would be if the last viewed spot could be recalled when returning to a video (after closing the window/app). However, it seems like it would be much more straightforward to simply include an option to disable variable-speed playback only.

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    I support adding the option to only restrict VSP without restricting seek altogether.

    With that said, one should be able to play a video and resume where they left off when they return to the video (their position should be retained) in Panopto now, even with Restrict VSP in place. I know that there is a site setting to control this functionality, but I am not 100% on the default state.

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    Thank you, I'll look into this! But yes, like you, regardless of whether this is possible, I'd still like a "disable VSP only" feature!

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