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Can’t subscribe to Pro plan

No matter what which card I use ; I can’t upgrade my plan. I don’t see anyway to contact customer service either.


  • Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi @Dr. Vinu,

    Here are the steps needed to upgrade your Panopto Pro subscription: How Do I Subscribe to Panopto Pro?

    If you are following the steps listed in that article, and your billing information is still not going through, you may want to double check that all fields are filled out correctly on the subscription form and that you are using an accepted payment method: What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

    If you are still having issues, please let me know.

    Best wishes,


  • Yes I have done all the steps. It starts the process and then it says cc not charged , and then says try another CC. Same happens. No issue with credit card (Amex). Called Amex and they say no issue on their side and they don’t see even an attempt to change (let alone decline).
  • Yes I have filled all the fields (name , address, cc #, expiration date and cc cv code). That’s after clicking the option that says upgrade (to pro plan). Tried 3 CC - doing the same. All the types of CC listed as accepted.
  • Sorry, we couldn't process your subscription.

    Don't worry. We haven't charged your credit card.

    The transaction was declined.

    Please try again or try another card

    Thats the error I keep getting.

  • Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
    edited March 8

    Hi @Dr. Vinu,

    I checked with our Support team regarding this and they let me know that we have made our engineering team aware of the issue in question. They are investigating as a matter of urgency. Once we have an update from them we will let you know via your Support case. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.

    Our Support team has also opened a case on your behalf and will be in contact soon to assist you.

    If you have any other questions about Panopto, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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