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REST API for scheduled recordings by a recorder id

It appears that this REST API is designed to take session id and not the recorder id.


This other REST API responds with an error message when trying to fetch recordings by a recorder id - https://demo.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/api/v1/remoteRecorderAPI/remoteRecorder/{remoteRecorderPublicId}/schedule

{'Message': 'Authorization has been denied for this request.'}

Is there any REST API that would return scheduled recordings by a recorder id?


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    I don't think there exists an endpoint available to us to retrieve schedules in the future through REST (strange, given the rather crucial nature of the data).

    The remoteRecorderApi endpoints are available to hardware manufacturers only I believe. :(

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    @Vegard Wallin is correct. The only REST endpoint available to retrieve schedules based on a recorderId is via scheduledRecordings. Feel free to submit a feature request at https://community.panopto.com/categories/feature-requests if you want this endpoint opened up to more users.


    Panopto Platform Developer

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    @Asher Finkel I'm still confused here - can you clarify which ID is used with the scheduledRecordings endpoint?

    Specifically, in the /api/v1/scheduledRecordings/{id} endpoint, is {id} the SessionID of the scheduled recording, the delivery ID of the scheduled recording, the ID of the remote recorder, or something else?

    I have a recording scheduled, but when I put any of those IDs into a call to that endpoint, I always get back "No scheduled recording was found for this Id"

    With so many IDs within the system, it would be nice to have more clarification in the API docs as to what ID is meant to be used where.

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    edited May 2023

    @Roderick Beaton III It is the SessionId DeliveryId of the scheduled recording. If you're still not getting the results you expect for a particular session please open up a ticker with your POC, so that we can investigate the issue.

    The API docs do say: "/api/v1/scheduledRecordings/{id} Get the scheduled recording information for a session". But that could be made more clear that the id parameter pertains to the session delivery.

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    Will do, thank you!

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    Session Id's vs. Delivery Id's has been a source for confusion to me until I got told it's the Delivery Id's you need to use in API calls. I have yet to see any use for the Session Id's. I use the Delivery Id's in both soap and rest API's. If you query the API for a session, it will give you the Delivery Id.

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    Interesting. Have you had any luck with"/api/v1/scheduledRecordings/{id} endpoint using the delivery ID of a scheduled recording? Using Session ID or Delivery ID I still get back "No scheduled recording was found for this Id"

    I have an open ticket but haven't heard back on it yet.

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    edited May 2023

    Yes, and I verified it now using Postman.

    Here's a schedule:

    If I try the Session ID listed above, I get the same error you do. Using the Delivery ID instead:


    This gives:

    Not sure what the Id property inside the RecorderScheduleEntries array is for.

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    My apologies. I did some more investigation,m and @Vegard Wallin is correct. The scheduledRecordings endpoint requires the DeliveryId not the SessionId. The Id property inside the RecorderScheduleEntries array is the public id of the schedule entry itself.

    I've updated my previous response to reflect this information.

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