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Improved folder navigation when Panopto is inside an iframe

Please consider adding an "up level" button when the Panopto folder interface is loading inside of Canvas or other <iframe>. Once you drill down into a folder, there is no good way to go back up a level. (Screenshot #1)

Your options are 1) click the main Panopto link and go all the way back up to the top of the folder hierarchy, or 2) use the black triangle and re-navigate down to the folder you want. Both of those are really inefficient and frustrating.

Conversely, when Panopto is loaded into its own browser window, there is a really handy and easy "up level" arrow-button. (Screenshot #2)

Why can't that button by present also when Panopto is loaded into a frame?

Thanks for considering this request. I apologize if I've missed something obvious!

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Glenn Pillsbury This is actually something that can be enabled by an Admin. The System Setting "Folders - Parent Folder Button for Embedded Folders" should be set to True. Then an arrow to navigate up a folder should appear when you are within a subfolder.

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    Perfect. Tier 1 support didn't tell me about that setting, hence the feature request.


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