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Video Action Buttons

Related to the release of 13.20.0: https://community.panopto.com/discussion/2024/service-update-2023-05-18-feat-integrated-video-action-buttons-video-progress-gradebook-reporting

Is the plan to also integrate these video action buttons into home/department folder views? It looks like they would fit in the thumbnail and it has always puzzled me that there is no way to interact with a video in that home/department view without opening the video in the player first.

Additionally, it would be fantastic if these buttons could be presented to authenticated users with proper access in the embed player, at least before the user clicks play.

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    Alla TaborisskayaAlla Taborisskaya Panopto Employee
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    Hi @Michael Espey and @Elaine M Mello, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the latest changes! Please see my answers below. If you have any additional questions or concerns, about this UX change or anything else, please use the link below to schedule a time to chat: https://calendly.com/ataborisskaya/research

    1. Is the plan to also integrate these video action buttons into home/department folder views? 

    Yes, we are planning to make this functionality available on home/department views as well, this work is coming up although I cannot share exact dates at this moment.

    2. Show the same buttons to authenticated users with proper access in the embed player

    This is a great idea! Our product and design teams are starting to look at the embedded player functionality, and I will pass this information to them. We want the experience to be consistent across all surfaces

    3. Having to hover over the thumbnail in order to edit a video

    We had several discussions on whether "Edit" button should always be shown or hidden, and maybe we made the wrong call. I will take your feedback back to the team for reconsideration. As part of this discussion, we will also take a look at how many buttons are shown on the card vs. which functionality is available under the "..." menu.


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    I'm not impressed with having to hover over the thumbnail in order to edit a video. Who thought this was more intuitive than what they originally had.?

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    As it stands now I agree that it is just a worse interface. With that said, if they were to expand the functionality across the platform (if there is a thumbnail in a list, you can easily get to settings, editor, etc.) and tweak the UI I would say that it is a (very small) step in the right direction.

    To speak specifically to where this UI/UX (@Alla Taborisskaya@Alla Taborisskaya) is lacking after this change, from a user perspective, editing a video went from a well known, very visible button to objectively hidden. We already have trouble getting folks to edit their content, so why make that process more difficult? We expect folks to amend ASR captions before publishing a video, so why hide the button that literally every user should be engaging with?

    Not to mention we are only trying to place 5 buttons in that space. If we were looking at 15 items in that list, sure, make it into a menu, but 5?

    In my opinion, it should look more like the below when you hover over the video line/thumbnail with maybe just the "gear" icon visible with no hover:

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    I keep my view in detail mode 99% of the time so I still have buttons but I suspect I'm in the minority among my users.

    Of course whether or not that's the case I can't say. Because we don't have access to any data like that.

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