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Winding down basic and pro plans - questions.


I am a subscriber of the pro plan and I was surprised and saddened to hear that those plans will be discontinued. Moreover, the communication from Panopto has been also subpar. The reason I am coming to this forum is simply because all the channels to communicate directly with Panopto are not available anymore. The support channel does not offer anymore the possibility to open a ticket, or send an email if needed.

If I understand correctly, there will be no automatic upgrade. Our accounts are going to simply terminated. Is that so? The letter gives us the opportunity to upgrade to enterprise plan, but at the same time it hints that plan is directed to companies and not individual persons.

I got to know about Panopto in my previous institution, and I really liked the platform. Liked so much that I decide to go on the pro plan by myself as my current work place has no interest in using your services. However, I still do as there are discussions via Zoom that we record and I use Panopto for storage and to edit. (similarly, some of my lectures I record and use Panopto for storage and editing prior releasing for the students).

So, in essence: I basically should say goodbye to Panopto? There is 0 info on prices or anything else if an individual subscriber continues to use Panopto after end of August.

Thank you


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