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What's New: A new Captions API for partners

Chris_KnowltonChris_Knowlton Panopto Employee
edited September 2023 in What's New


Panopto version 13.21 (released June 5, 2023) includes a new Captions API. Designed primarily for partners, the API provides the means for caption, transcription, and translation service providers to self-integrate their services with Panopto. The first partner to use this new RESTful API is captionex, which provides 100% human transcription services.


Panopto has traditionally provided custom-built integrations with some third-party caption, transcription, and translation partners. However, some Panopto customers may already have a working relationship with another third-party provider that better aligns with their business needs. In addition, some Panopto customers would prefer to self-integrate and use their own internal caption, transcription, or translation service.


The new Captions API allows additional providers to become available to your Panopto site administrators from Settings > Caption & Translation Services > New. If you’d like to see an additional caption, transcription, and translation provider added to that New list, and the provider is willing to use the API to integrate with Panopto, have your Panopto administrator connect the Panopto support team to that provider by submitting a support request.

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