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Pulling captions/transcripts through API without admin role

edited June 2023 in API

It seems that the admin role is required for API access, which cannot be assigned to me because then I would have full access to my school's Panopto instance.

But I want to be able to pull (through the API) all the captions from the folders in *my* account. Are there any ways of doing this?


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  • Hi Sabrina,

    Which endpoint are you referring to? We don't have a public api endpoint to retrieve captions. You could get the session information and use the link in that response to download captions in the SRT format, but that cannot be automated.


    Panopto Platform Developer

  • I did try the session API to obtain the sessions' information (for some of them it works and I am able to get the captions, but for others sessions I get an error). I was also trying use the folder API (so that I can iterate over all my videos), but I get empty results for almost all of the folders

  • Sabrina,

    If you want to share the details of your api queries you can have your POC open a support ticket and we can look into it. It's likely a misconfiguration somewhere with the access permisions of the sessions/folders you are querying.


  • How can I open a support ticket?

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