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'Watch in Panopto' Icon not showing in Chrome (iPhone/Android)

Hi there,

I'm currently having an issue after embedding a Panopto video into one of our systems at work. When embedding I made sure to tick 'enable watch in Panopto' which works perfectly on a desktop browser and on Safari on an iPhone, but the icon doesn't show at all on Chrome on a phone (iPhone/Android).

Has anyone else come across this issue?



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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi @Claire Headdon,

    I just replied to your other post, but in case you don't see it: I'd like to open a Support ticket on your behalf, so that our Support team can investigate this issue. Are you able to send me a message with the name of your organization, so that I may open a Support ticket on your behalf?

    Best wishes,


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