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remoteRecorderPublicId for REST API


I'm trying to use the REST API command: /api/v1/remoteRecorderAPI/remoteRecorder/{remoteRecorderPublicId}/schedule

I want to obtain the list of scheduled recordings from a remote recorder that is on the Panopto server. How is this remoteRecorderPublicID obtained? When I try to use the ID from the Configuration Tab on Postman, I receive a "Authorization has been denied for this request" 401 error.

Thank you!


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    In REST I believe the standard disclaimer for the Remote Recorder API is: "this endpoint is for Panopto's hardware partners only and cannot be used without a partner API key".

    I think you can get scheduled recordings via the SOAP api without equivalent authorisation.

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    @Gareth Walker Thank you! I have tried implementing with SOAP API, however I'm looking for a way to Pause and Resume recordings, which is why I was looking into the REST API and was hoping I wouldn't have to use 2 API's concurrently

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    @William Nguyen

    As of now the only way to get the scheduled recordings by remote recorder is via the SOAP api. You're welcome to submit a feature request to add this functionality to the REST api, however I believe this is an already requested feature.

    Asher Finkel

    Panopto Platform Developer

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    @Asher Finkel

    Thank you for the update! Doing some testing now with the SOAP API to obtain the Session ID... I'm trying to test it with the Pause/Resume:


    But am also receiving 401 Error: "Message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."

    Is the Pause/Resume command running into the same issue where it needs a partner API key?

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    @William Nguyen

    Correct. As the description states here: https://demo.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/api/docs/index.html#/RemoteRecorderAPI these endpoints are for our hardware partners.


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    @Asher Finkel thanks again for all of your help. I've enquired about the Partner API key with my organization and was able to find one.

    Here’s some testing I’ve done:

    To validate my authentication (without Partner Key), I’ve sent the /api/v1/sessions/inProgress/webcast command:

    Now testing a Retrieve Schedule /api/v1/remoteRecorderAPI/remoteRecorder/{remoteRecorderPublicId}/schedule request with the x-api-key:

    (I've removed the x-api-key from this screen shot for security purposes)

    Remote Recorder ID that I’m using:

    Testing with the Pause command, it returns this response:

    What is supposed to be passed for the body of this request? The example shows an integer but I’ve tested this with values such as 1, 10, and 100 and they all return the same response.

    Thank you for all of your help and time!



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    The PauseRecordingTime is defined as:

    Pause recording time in UTC file time seconds

    which is defined here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/sysinfo/file-times

    This value needs to be larger than session start time.

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