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Does anyone from Panopto technical support even monitor the questions posed here?

Pretty disappointed in the level of support, or even responses and simple replies this Community Forum yields. I truly was hoping for a higher level of support here. It's quite sad. There's definitely ample room for improvement.


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    I do think this forum is not intended for actual support issues as much as a community for people using Panopto (mainly Panopto admins as opposed to users).

    If you're having issues, you're going to get much better support by opening a ticket directly with them.

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi @Alex Panganiban,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding our response time on the forum. We try to reply to questions and issues posted to the forum within five business days; however, the API category is monitored and managed by a different team. I've alerted them to your post in that category.

    As Chaz indicated, if you have an urgent issue, we recommend submitting a Support ticket or reaching out to your local Panopto administrator for assistance. I do see that you opened a Support ticket, but there may have been an issue with it going through to the Support team. I've reopened this ticket under your local Administrator for Panopto and made our Support team aware of this.

    Best wishes,


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