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How do users know that captions are auto-generated?

Is there a way that users (Viewers) can tell caption have been auto-generated?

I feel like this should be apparent as there can be inaccuracies and viewers may want to question words or terms. On YouTube, captions have an "[auto-generated]" notification so you know that they may not be what is actually being said. The Panopto user-interface says (not 100% accurate) to Creators, but there's no such warning for viewers.

If there is no way, I'll create a Feature Request as I think this is quite important!

Thanks :)


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    Hi @Sebastian Pope,

    My apologies for not responding sooner. At this time, there isn't anything that indicates when captions have been auto-generated. If you haven't already, I would recommend creating a New Feature Request.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks @Caitlin McCabe

    Yes indeed, there is now a feature request for this. I was surprised that whilst there is an indicator for Creators that the captions are auto-generated (who already know this 😄), there isn't one to tell the Viewers!

    Thanks, take care.


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