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Service Update 2024-05-16

Service Update 2024-05-16

Please note: This update will be applied at the end of business hours on May 16th for the North America, Canada, and European clouds and the end of business hours on May 17th for the Asia-Pacific and Australia clouds.

  • Added new site admin setting ‘Security - Use CHIPS partitioned cookies’ (Default: FALSE) - When enabled, this setting uses CHIPS (Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State) partitioned cookies in Chrome browsers allowing limited use of third-party cookies in Chrome when third-party cookies are otherwise disabled.
  • Added a new Canvas IDP setting ‘Allow students to insert videos’ for Canvas LTI 1.3 integrations that allows students to insert videos within course pages without requiring instructors/admins to pre-create the Panopto assignment folder. Students will no longer be able to edit their video in Panopto once they’ve submitted it within Canvas.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to download an audio podcast from the Outputs page for some older videos would result in an error.

Version 14.19.0

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