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Is there any way to prevent viewers from fast-forwarding playback?

User wishes to force playback through the entire session (this is for mandatory training) in order to prevent viewers/participants from getting to the Qualtrics survey link at the end without actually viewing the training session.

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator


    Currently, this is not an option - I recommend submitting "disable seek" as a feature request.



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    This isn't a full-proof idea but have you considered adding questions throughout the video presentation? Questions related to the content could be very beneficial from an instructional perspective and stop the video. I don't believe you can drag the play slider passed a question but I'm not 100% certain. Another option would be to add questions that remind end users of the importance or significance of watching the video in its entirety. The language used could be tied directly to the success of your business based on their diligent watching might prompt end users to watch the whole thing. Just thinking out loud. Thanks!

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    My apologies - There is an Admin setting for disabling seek and variable speed playback; however, it is a site-wide setting so it will apply to all recordings on your site if enabled.


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    Andy CopeAndy Cope Tyro
    edited April 2020

    Hi Cait

    I have looked all over and can't find this feature.

    I must have been through Settings/All Settings 10x now and don't think I would see it, if it was to hold banners saying 'here I am'.

    Can you point me in the right direction please?

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    Thank you, it worked perfectly

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    @Cait McCabe , can you please clarify.

    1. Because this is a site-wide setting, If one enables the switch automatically the fast forward control is disabled immediately in all current and future sessions in Panopto?
    2. Does the current setting provide a folder or video setting to manually override the setting for those videos that do not require fast forward?
    3. What happens to the slides track? How does navigating a video function when fast-forwarding is enabled for the entire site?

    Thank you.

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    @Elba Rios This was previously only available as an all-in option but was opened up as a session-level control earlier this year. The existing site-wide setting ("Features - Viewer - Disable Seek and Variable Speed Playback (VSP)") will now control the session default. I don't believe there is a site-wide setting to lock in this configuration for all videos.

    There is an auxiliary setting that allows admins to set the completion benchmark where the VSP restrictions are lifted. We have this benchmark set to 0 so it is always in place, no matter how many times the video has been viewed by a given viewer. This other setting is named "Features - Viewer - Seek and Variable Speed Playback (VSP) Percentage Threshold".

    There should be a feature request open to open this up as a session/folder level control, but the completion benchmark is only a site-wide control at this time.

    Do note, the above does not apply to live webcasts, but there is an open feature request about this.

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    Hi Elba,

    There are two site-wide settings for this, which Michael mentioned above: Features - Viewer - Disable Seek and Variable Speed Playback (VSP), which allows you to disable seek and VSP for both the interactive and embedded Panopto viewers site-wide on all videos, and Features - Viewer - Seek and Variable Speed Playback (VSP) Percentage Threshold, which disables these features site-wide on all videos until a certain percentage of video is watched.

    Creators can control this on a per-video basis, as documented in our article, How to Disable Variable Speed Playback (VSP) and Seek, but not for an entire folder; however, folder-level control would be a great Feature Request.

    In terms of slides, a user will be able to see the thumbnail image and table of contents; however, they will not be able to select and access the slide if Seek and VSP are disabled (but will if/when a threshold percentage is reached).

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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    @Cait McCabe , @Michael Canute - Thank you for the explanations above.

    One last thing, with the featured enabled at the session level, once the video has been viewed in its entirety, what happens when viewers want to review content for a second or more times. Can they fastforward at this point? If not, it would be a beneficial additional feature. Thank you.

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    Unless the threshold is set to 0, yes. We set our completion threshold at 0 for a few reasons, but I would love to see this be something that can be controlled at the session or folder level.

    I have a feature request (https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1212/another-restrict-vsp-option) from when the feature was released to give the content creator the option to have VSP always restricted, only on the first view, or never. This would allow us to roll our threshold back to 95% (or whatever it was out of the box) and give our instructors this additional functionality.

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