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Is full screen camera video an option?


I have a prof using a Mac that would to switch between full screen recording of his video camera and full screen PowerPoint.

I understand that the features in playback allow the viewer to achieve this but he would like this control when recording.

Is this a possibility?




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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Greg,

    This can't be controlled while he is actually recording, but he can create a video like this using the editor.

    First, he would need to record both himself (the presenter) and his screen as secondary sources. He should select None for the primary video source, and should not use the Record Powerpoint option - just the screen. Once recorded, he can use the focus tool in the editor to indicate where the video should switch back and forth between the presenter and the screen.

    For more information on the focus tool, he can refer to the article How to Use the Focus Tool in the Editor.

    Hope this helps!


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