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Assignment folder: Create Subfolders and Link to folder to add to LMS

Please add the following to requests to the ASSIGNMENT folder

1) Please add the ability to create subfolder inside the ASSIGNMENTS folder. It is important to have the ability to organize the Assignments using folders.

2) Add Share Link to the ASSIGNMENTS folder. This will allow to add a link to the respective assignment folder or subfolder directly in the LMS - like any other folder.

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    The ability to have sub-folders within an assignment folder would solve a lot of issues we have with Panopto. We have many faculty who ask students to submit videos throughout the semester and having sub-folders within the assignment folder fixes this issue. For example, student teachers are required to submit 3 videos of themselves teaching throughout each semester. Also we have modern language faculty who ask students to upload videos of them speaking multiple times per week. If they could just setup all of the sub-folders within the assignments folder at the start of the semester that would be much easier than opening and closing the assignment folder a bunch of times.

    Assignment folders are one of the biggest reasons we use Panopto and it is something I'd love to see improved!

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    This is a continuing need. It's been two and half years since this suggestion was made. When can we expect to see it? This has a direct impact on faculty's daily use of the system.

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    Yes, the ability to create sub-folders within a course assignment folder would reduce confusion for students when they're submitting a file for projects throughout the semester. It's also a one-stop setup for instructors rather than having to create each project folder and add a new assignment folder to it.

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