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Ability to permanently swap primary and secondary video areas

In the recorder or in the editor - please add the ability to choose what recording source to place in each section of the web player. Normally, the presenter video goes in the top left smaller area and the screen capture goes in the right larger area in the player. We need to have the ability to select what video to put where. Sometimes, like in out Business Communication classes, the teachers want the presenter video to be in the larger area and the screen capture in the smaller area. Conversely, in the Video podcast, this feature will allow for the presenter video to shown in full screen and the screen capture to show in the smaller PIP screen in the bottom right.

Currently the only way to do this is to manually download both streams and create a new session and place the videos like i am requesting. Then, after processing, set the Video podcast to PIP to match what i am requesting. This is time consuming and inefficient.

Maybe you only need to have a feature in the video editor or in Settings window to "Swap video sources in player" that will automatically do this! That will be cool and quick for the end user! I think Panopto already knows how to do this, just need to automated!

Please do this asap. thanks.

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    Mike PedersenMike Pedersen Crackerjack
    edited September 2022

    Hi Panopto!

    In the edit-->streams area of the session editing tool, I'd love to be able to have a button that swaps the primary and secondary streams. We are using Extron SMP351 units to record using a Virtual Input to capture the camera video signal. They all appear with the content stream as primary and the camera stream as secondary.


    Mike P.

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    @Chaz Barbour that needs to happen!!

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    Any update on this? In my scenario, I use a automatic tracking camera as my primary video. It is a POE camera and I noticed it losing power just as the class was starting, so I swapped to the wideshot as my primary so I wouldn't lose the capture. After I did that, the close up camera seemed to stabilize, so it would be great if I could swap them back after the recording is over.

    Sad that people seem to be asking for the same features for years without getting any response....

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