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Can I get notified when a new comment is entered in a video discussion?


I would like to be notified via email when a student leaves a comment or question on a video using the discussion feature. Is this currently a possibility? At the moment I am not notified which means I have to monitor the video for comments.

Similarly, when I reply to a student's comment, can the student be notified via email?



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  • This would be very useful!

  • Is there a timeline for implementation of this feature? I will be turning the discussion feature off for all my videos until we have the ability to be notified/notify others about new posts. The discussion feature has the potential to be great, but I and my students simply cannot monitor every video to see if questions have been posted/responded to. My biggest worry is that in this time of remote learning, students will feel ignored.

  • Hi, I agree that this feature is critical in this time of distance learning. Can you please update on the timeline for implementation of this feature? Without it, I will need to utilize other platforms for my classes I'm currently building.

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi everyone - We're hoping to have this available by Fall of 2020. Thanks for your patience! -Dave

  • Just for your interest Dave, If I could post a picture out my window we would see reds and golds of Fall. Fall is here now.


    Good luck with the coding on this.


  • Hi, could we please get an update on the implementation of this feature? We are in the middle of planning for the fall semester and need to make decisions on video platforms for various courses. This is a critical feature - otherwise, students can leave a comment or question, and we never know they're there until we go back into the video file...

  • Bumping to see if we can get an update.

    Thank You

  • I look forward to using this feature and would also like an update.

    Thank you!

  • Alex ShchukinAlex Shchukin Whiz Kid
    edited August 2020

    Plus one for this feature. It would be even better if the notification could be sent directly into Slack channel.

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi everyone - We now expect this to be available in our Winter update (end of 2020). Apologies for the delay! Thanks. -Dave

  • Any updates on this? We have integration with Zoom synchronous session recordings, and I am piloting having students put comments in the Discussion as an alternative to live participation. It would be great to receive notifications.

  • Added to this feature, it would be nice if discussions would update in real time. Now, one has to refresh the video to see if someone has posted a "reply".

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi @Suzanne David - We are now targeting the summer of this year for this feature. Thank you for your patience! -Dave

  • @Meghal Patel , will the new discussions feature include "real time" update/refresh - without one having to "refresh" the browser to see new comments or replies? Thank you.

  • Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    Do@Dave Hannan , would you be able to provide an update where this is on the roadmap --- making comments in discussion display in "real" time? Thank you!

  • Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi @Elba Rios,

    I hope you are doing well and I'm sorry there's been a delay in response. Though we do not have an update regarding the roadmap and timing, I've located a Feature Request that's more closely related to your follow-up inquiry for a real-time discussion feed in the viewer. I've added your organization to the list of those interested in this feature request and made our team aware of your interest in this.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


  • Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    Thanks very much, @Caitlin McCabe ! I've been very hesitant to promote "discussions" as they are not in real time. But, after 5-6 years of using Panopto, some faculty would like to explore the engagement tools a bit deeper.

    I'm wondering what the goal of the "discussions" feature is. It would help to understand how Panopto intended the tool to function prior to sharing with faculty. Thanks.

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