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Panopto Recording or post editor

Dear Community users,

Item 1: A staff member would like to record a flipped classroom where initially he would begin the recording with him doing an intro using camera and mic, then he would like to camera turned off so he launches powerpoint and does his audio/ppt voiceover and then eventually completes his one recording.

I tried doing this with the panopto recorder, no success, once recording the camera is greyed out (locked down); I tried doing this with the post recording editor, no luck either, couldnt find any option/feature that allowed me to do this. There may be more sophisticated editors out there that might allow it, but that might require licence and cost.

I have suggested to the user for now, to do two recordings, first his intro recording camera and mic, then a second recording ppt and audio as a workaround.

Any suggestions from anyone, does panopto currently have the functionality to do item 1 above?


James, IT Services, Trinity College Dublin


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    James HartyJames Harty Crackerjack

    Found this panopto help guide to add in a clip, that might be useful to add in the camera and audio clip at the start of a recorded powerpoint/audio recording.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi James,

    You can do what you want, but the recording needs to be setup in a specific way.

    Record the camera on him as a secondary (not primary) source and record the powerpoint as a screencapture (don't use the capture powerpoint option). Then you will be able to achieve what you want in the editor.

    You can trim the screen out of the beginning of the recording. And then trim the camera out of the rest of it.

    You could also record them separately and use add a clip as you mentioned or create a playlist with the two recordings so they play back to back.

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