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Encode Recording as a MP4 subsequently


is there a possibility to re-enconde a recording (simple screencast, primary source) that has been made with the Panopto recorder _without_ checking the "Record as MP4" option as a MP4 in the settings subsequently on a local PC?

A lecturer has send me the original recordings but unfortunatly he did not check the MP4 recording option so there is no MP4 file in the folder.

I'd like to work on the audio, which has been poorly recorded and don't want to use the already compressed "Podcast" download version of it.

Thank you!

Cheers, Pablo

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator
    Answer ✓

    The video podcast quality affects the audio quality when going from the 576p to 720p option. Here is a link to an article about changing the podcast format/quality:

    Here are the details on the quality settings for each option:

    • 576p | 30fps | 1400-2800kbps video | 100kbps audio
    • 720p | 30fps | 1400-2800kbps video | 135kbps audio
    • 1080p | 30fps | 2000-4000kbps video | 135kbps audio
    • 1080p | 60fps | 2500-5000kbps video | 135kbps audio


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    Thank you,

    can you give me a hint where I can change the podcast quality? Is the quality setting for the podcast video in the output tab ("Ausgabe" in German) where you can select the resolution and frames per second also affecting the audio quality?

    Cheers, Pablo

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    Thank a lot for this information.

    Cheers, Pablo

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