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Issue with videos created from Powerpoint and the Panopto video upload - audio is out of sync

Here is the scenario: Create presentation with voice over using PowerPoint for Mac and do not explicitly record audio on a slide, for example the opening slide. Export it as MP4 or MOV. The MP4 and MOV files correctly have silence of the first slide. If you upload it to Google, you have silence on the first slide. However, if you upload it to Panopto, you have audio on the first slide. The audio is ahead of the video for subsequent slides. This is easy to replicate.

My university is considering a purchase of Panopto, but we are unable to submit support tickets as a not-yet-paying customer.

I uploaded 12 videos to Panopto before I realized the issue. I believe that that PowerPoint transitions are problematic too. PowerPoint says that it does not record audio during transitions, This is another way that audio and video are getting out of sync in Panopto.

I see that other people have posted similar issues. Is Panopto aware of this issue?


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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Kathy,

    I checked in with our Support team on this matter. They are aware of this issue, and are working towards fixing it. Their current suggestion is to first check and make sure your CPU is not maxed out. If you are using a Mac, this can be checked by following the steps in Apple's article, How to use Activity Monitor on your Mac.

    In addition, if you are capturing only the application (PowerPoint), they recommend that you try to capture it as full screen, as they've seen some success with that method.

    Hopefully these suggestions help - please let us know if you have any more questions!

    Best wishes,


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