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When will Panopto Capture be out of Beta??

I found Panopto Capture on my system last week and thrashed it for a few hours with no problems.

For some niche purposes I needed, it was really cool. It never crashed and I got some good work done. It was stunningly quick to do certain tasks that needed several inputs. Once I finished, there was NO editing required to take out any transitions.

But sadly my admins had given it to me by accident, they immediately disabled it, and will not give it back until it is out of BETA.



Any idea when it will be out of beta?


First time post, ever.

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
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    Hi Derek,

    I'm glad you enjoy Panopto Capture. Since I don't have an exact date of when it will be moved out of beta, I would encourage you to check out Panopto Express by visiting: https://panopto.it. You'll notice that it is quite similar to Panopto Capture, with the exception of how it captures video streams, and you can export your video to your Panopto Enterprise account as a flat .MP4.

    I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Best wishes,



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    edited May 2020

    I know it is a bit sad replying to your own question!!

    I have just found out that there is a Panopto Free.

    With a bit of searching I have been unable to find out if Panopto Capture is part of this.

    Is *Panopto Capture* in Panopto Free?


    Post # 2. [Who on earth thought of this Tyro thing] ???!!!@#$

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    Cait, Panopto Express looks great!! Thanks.

    Please pass on to the TPTB that you have a user here who thinks Panopto Capture is ready to go out of BETA.

    But I am happy. :-)


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