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Ability to blur or hide part of the content

Many times you need to cover, blur or otherwise obscure some sensitive information on recording, like names, faces or other confidential information. Would it be possible to have a "blurring" tool or just a simple "solid block" tool for covering part of the content.

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  • If an audio "beep" could be added to this too to remove single words and blur/black box where appropriate on screen that would be handy, had a couple of occasions where this would have been more helpful than editing out just an unwanted word or two.

  • Is it difficult to redact (edit or "bleep" out) individual words from the audio portion of a lecture capture recording, or must the entire recording be clipped to do this? I have a faculty member who wants to use several hours of recorded classes from prior semesters, but the recordings include students' names and voices, and I think we need to edit out at least the students' names to avoid the need for consents under FERPA.

  • @David Sorkin you can edit out those words/names from the primary video/audio with a crop with the online editor, it's not too bad but we do get asked about just "beeping" on a regular basis as the crops are still noticeable and depending on what is happening in the video the beeps would be less disruptive to what was going on e.g. live demonstration that you only want to section out the audio from as you would miss what was happening in the primary video.

  • Yes please. This would be a very helpful feature.

    See also https://community.panopto.com/discussion/215/capture-a-region-of-an-screen

  • Chris SmithChris Smith Crackerjack
    edited January 2021

    Occasionally, a region of a recording may contain user information or sensitive data that should not be included in the final edited video. It would be great to have an option to obfuscate this information directly in the Panopto editor.

  • Hello! The ability to blur an area of the screen or a line of text is an absolute must for us, especially for screen capture videos. I am unable to make many of the needed videos for HR related systems without this feature. Thanks!

  • From a data protection (GDPR for EU based institutions) this would be very valuable if students are accidentally captured by in room cameras

  • Agree! This is part of an editing feature that should also be included int he latest update to the Editor. All new enhances to the editor must be included soon!

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