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URLs from a video search

When I search a video, there are no URLS in the result "links".

I create slides using an easy to use front end to Latex Beamer called "QuickBeam", which produces latex which is used to make the slides in PDF format. All that happens by typing "make".

If I can get links to a search such as "SlideNum ???", then I can feed those URLS back into the front end so that each slide contains a link to the relevant section in the video.

Students read the slides, mostly, and it would be good if they could go to the section of a lecture associated with the slide with a single click on the PDF document, whenever they needed clarification.

So the slides would be given a slide number, and the search could give the results in a text file. The text file would have the result of the search, followed by a URL. The front end would grab such a text file and embed the links into the slides.

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Stephen,

    I think you may be asking for Panopto to produce this type of link automatically from the editor/viewer, which at this point it cannot, so I'll leave this up as a Feature Request. In the meantime, I want to recommend adding &start=x to the end of your video link (where x = seconds). This will create a link that points to a specific timestamp in your presentation.

    Hope this helps,


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