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API for polling recent sessions

Alex NeubertAlex Neubert Panopto Employee

In the usage reports, I am able to pull a detailed list of user course completions like the attached:

 I need to be able to automate an export like this in order to do a custom course credit calculation outside of an LMS.

 Is there a way to get at this data in real-time either:

-          (Preferably) via a registered webhook endpoint that Panopto calls upon a video viewing completion event

-          A batch API that can be polled to get this detail

In browsing through the API reference documentation, I see the following issues for meeting our requirement:


-          I don’t see a SOAP API call that returns the same fields as exist in the report

-          Reports can be run no more frequently than daily. We would need to run them at least every 10 min.


In lieu of a bonafide callback API, we need an API that can be polled to return the most recent sessions, including the content id, user id, viewing time, and start/stop timestamp. We need to poll this at least every 10 min. I didn’t see anything in the SOAP API that seemed suitable.



  • Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee


    Unfortunately at this time we do not offer that capability. 

    We will consider this feature for future development.


    Joe Malmsten

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